Sunday, May 15, 2005

Why is this man frowning?

Because it rained all day yesterday and we could not get out on the deck.
The sun is out this morning so things look better for possible garden work.
I do need to mow.
I have had a very sore neck since Friday. The pain is mostly on the right side and climbs down my arm to my elbow.
I love those therma pad thingys that stay hot for 12 hours.
At least the squirrel is out of the chimney. The stupid creature was in there for 4 days - ignoring all our entreaties to go chew on his nuts elsewhere.
Finally, mothballs (insert your own joke here) combined with an open door and two hours of quiet from the Grasers resulted in Mr. Fuzzy-Tailed-Rat staggering out the door and into the front yard (where, if there is any irony in the world, he was eaten by a hawk).
Today I gotta put something on the chimney cap to keep this from happening again.


KitKatMews said...

That was a funny story -- the bit about the hawk made me laugh.
You sound good and happy. I'll talk with you soon. Tell the girls hello.

Catnap40 said...

good and happy. not sure. I need something besides work.