Sunday, May 15, 2005

Read my column about blogging

I'm not sure how good this is and the link will only stay good for a seven days so check it out and let me know.
My column in the Marion Star


Anonymous said...

I liked your column, but I'm still not sure what to think about newspapers and the blogosphere.

On one hand, asking people to "trust us because we're the newspaper" is like shouting down a dry well. Not many folks listening there anymore.

On the other hand, trust is probably the most valuable currency in cyberspace. Sharing html code, sharing links, sharing information, sending a payment through ebay to an anonymous person on the other end requires implicit trust.

Maybe its the filter thing. If I'm a lone blogger, people know there is little filtering, or I can tell them exactly what I'm filtering (example: all bad news about Repubs) and let them decide if they like me. I'm a transparent blogger. There is nothing between what the blogger writes and what the reader reads.

Newspapers tell you they filter for accuracy and fairness and bias, but people see mistakes and unfairness and slants all the time. All the newspaper people that you described standing between the reporter and the reader - do they really make the news "better?" Or are they more undo influences?

I don't know.

Catnap40 said...

That's the point. Who know who you are?
We know there are going to be slants in everything we do.
Total objectivity is an impossible goal - still it's our goal.