Sunday, May 08, 2005

We are moving to Alaska

Here is the latest Lucy story making the rounds in Marion Ohio:
Lucy hates to go to bed. It is totally ridiculous to sleep, she reasons, when you can be awake and playing.
There are pretty regular arguments about the need to sleep.
We usually give up any logical argument and say to her, "Look out the window, it's dark. It's time to go to sleep."
"I wish it would stay light out all the time so I would never have to go to sleep," Lucy said to me a few nights ago.
OK, just so everybody knows, I have an ego problem and can't help showing off my vast knowledge even when it is only to impress a four-year-old.
"In the summertime in Alaska," I pompously pontificated, "The sun stays out all night"
"Let's move to Alaska," Lucy said.
"We can't move to Alaska honey because Gannett doesn't own a newspaper there," I replied.
"As soon as Gannett buys a newspaper in Alaska, we can move there," I added, I believe just to tease her.
Now Lucy has been telling anybody that listens that as soon as her daddy buys enough newspapers we will be moving to Alaska, where they have 40 different words for "white space."

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