Saturday, May 14, 2005

Back Deck Life

We have been pretty much living on the back deck. Probably the most enjoyable part of the house. It needs a little work. We are perplexed by the chain-link fence. But, it is still a ready-to-party spot.
(click on these photos for larger versions)
Lucy took this snap-shot of me at the grill:

What an amazing belly! The result of three months of bachelor living followed by deck living. I am not exactly sure what I am doing with the left hand. It looks like I can't reach everything I used to reach.

Here's a shot of Lucy after a dip in the wading pool. She is undoubtedly asking me to get her some juice.

This is a shot of Lucy escaping from the sandbox:

And here's a kid that was not so lucky:

From a distance, my belly does not seem that big:

Lucy took this photo. I only cropped it a little. I like her full frame shots a lot.

The Three States of Lucy:
Lucy is generally doing one of three things. Here they are


She almost always wants something - food - a toy on a high shelf - a "treat" - to be picked up and held upside down so she can giggle uncontrollably - and on and on and on.


The kid likes to eat. But, not everything. Food served on a plate while being confined to a table and family conversation is generally "sorta yucky." Food in a cone is always acceptable - even after being dropped on the filthy zoo tarmac.

Moving Fast:

The kid is almost always moving fast. Except when it comes time to clean up her room or get ready for bed.

Office Life:
When I am not on the deck I am in my office.
This is the the wall to the left of my desk. I hope nobody looks too closely at the awards and certificates and such. Most are kind of lame.

Here is my view throughout the day:

The mess ebbs and wanes.

Finally, this is the road behind the office:

Midwest enough for you?


Melissa said...

How did you teach Lucy to use a camera, and which lens does she prefer? I need tips.

I am also spending a lot of time out in back of the old homestead in West A.

Today I planted another butterfly bush, moved some sage -- twice -- (I may have OCD with it), planted some "hens and chicks" out front, sprayed a rose with Neem oil (who's Neem?), pulled weeds, swept the patio and front walk, polished the furniture, vacuumed the living room, made my lunch and then sat on the couch, where I had fluffed the pillows and sprayed Febreze.

Jason came home at this point and said, "Whatcha doing? Just relaxing?"

Catnap40 said...

Aren't boys great!?
Mary let me off the hook with putting Lucy to bed last night and let me watch "Slammin' Saturday Night" on Spike.
I am abosolutely hooked on "Carpocolypse" which is stupid because it is a ridiculous show that can't last more than one season.
You can tell becaus they show the episodes out of order and promot re-runs like they are new.
I also simply adore MXC (Most Extreme Elimination Challenge).
Best line last night came while a woman was running through an obstacle course.
Vic: I think she might go all the way.
Kenny: I'm sure she probably has Vic.

I don't know why it cracks me up.

Lucy uses a disposable camera. I really want to get her a digital but have not had the guts to spend the money and set her loose.