Saturday, May 28, 2005

Who else would be in my movie?

Main Characters
My brother Mike would be played by David Cross

Billy Barty would play my trusted, older friend that I go to for advice.

The Billy Barty character does not exist in real life and wasn't even in the book (that has never been written). I just like a movie with Billy Barty.

My sister, Ellen, would be played by Erin Moran

And my sister, Carol, would be played by Nancy Cartwright

My Parents:
A young Candace Bergen would play my Mother

And Spencer Tracy would play my father

At times in the movie Spenser Tracy would inexplicably be replaced by the claymation figure of Danny Divito from the Brisk Iced Tea commercials

Of course, my wife would be played by Leela from Futurama
And my daughter would be played by Franka Potenta who played Lola in "Run, Lola, Run"
A movie I can't get out of my head

Get it? Lola? Leela? It's a joke.

Other characters:
My friend Melissa, who would have the only singing part in the movie, would be played (at her request) by Alfre Woodard

And the Dalai Lama would show up as himself to read the epilogue notes at the end of the movie.

Of course I am open to suggestions.


ash said...

i think you're on to something.
maybe we could start our own reality show series and call it "the movie of your life." we'll get three or four people and have them answer some movie trivia questions to compete for who gets to have their movie made.

then we team up with the producers of "surreal life" to get all the former, down and out movie stars we'll need to make a short movie of the winner's life.

the old stars get a little scratch, some joe gets the movie of his life, and the viewing public gets to watch it all - maybe we let them vote "idol" style on which C-lister gets to play the main character in the movie.


Catnap40 said...

what an idea! Who do we pitch it to? Ask the Beer Guy!

Melissa said...

yer fake mom is hot, dude.

Catnap40 said...

wasn't she...