Sunday, April 17, 2005

new photos

I should go to bed right now, but I visited Wal-Mart today and got my latest disposable camera disposed of.
First, there is this one:

Click on it if you want to see it real big, but I don't recommend it. Lucy likes popsicles. A lot.
Me? I like my food a little more sophisticated, but I am no less stupid about it.

You can click on that one too. Of course, it is corn, beer and chunks of hickory soaking in water. What else?
This was the street in front of our house on April 2:

Here is one of the little things that Mary does that make our house look fabulous:

It really does look great and she is making it better nearly every day.
I finally have an Ohio plate

Here is how I remember my plate Dumb Luck Fucker
98 is the year I started with Gannett and 57 is the year before I was born.
Finally a photo Lucy took of Mom and Dad. Can you see the terror in our eyes?

More later, must sleep.

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