Monday, April 18, 2005

growing up

It bugs me that I own a wheelbarrow. Even though I find it handy.


Melissa said...

When yer compostin and doin yard work, you come to love the 'barrow.

As Wallace Stevens wrote (I think)

So much depends upon
a red wheelbarrow, glazed
with rainwater
beside the white chickens.

I should have stayed in poetry school... (I'm glad I didn't stay in Ohio, tho', if it's snowing in April. It's mid-70s and sunny as hell here. Love it!)

Catnap40 said...

we had a bunch of thunderstorms yesterday that were kind of fun with all their strength. It is supposed to drop into the 40s this weekend. It will give me a chance to give yardwork up for the weekend and concentrate on personal computer work (sorting and burning) that I have to do.

Melissa said...

Spoke too soon. It's freakin' freezin' here. We have to wrap up our precious plants -- and bodies. Sheesh.

ash said...

Dude, you totally MUST do this now - go to

It's perfect! Especially with your voice.