Saturday, April 09, 2005

Baseball vs. Rugby

I do have an issue with Chief Wahoo and the whole Indian thing. I really don't understand the need for it.
The reality is that I am more likely to go to a Clippers game in Columbus than venture all the way to Cleveland and spend three times -- or more the money when my only aim is to sit in the sun, drink beer and watch a little ball.
Here is an interesting take on Chief Wahoo - very funny and (be warned) extreme parody.
When the high school in Saranac Lake was getting ready to change its nickname a columnist at the Plattsburgh Press Republican had a very funny idea. I think his real intent was to show how ridiculous the nickname issue is. Certainly, they shouldn't be offensive and it is ridiculous for their defenders to take them so seriously. It is a nickname for sports teams made up of teenagers - It is only the teenagers themselves that should give a shit and they should do what we tell them and like it.
Anyway the columnist from Plattsburgh suggest changing the name from Redskins to Redskin Potatoes

Today I am taking Lucy to her first rugby match

Hope she likes it.
Speaking of politically correct. The annual rugby tournament in Marion is called the Teapot Dome Rugby Scandal, after Warren Harding's (Marion's favorite son) famous scandal.
The Harding Home people made the rugby team change the name in the early years but at some point relented. The history is a little muddy.
Anyway I am looking forward to getting to know the fellows on the team.
I still won't play -- too much money in my teeth.

Look at this picture of a player on the Montreal Wanderers Club.
He recieved these injuries in the first half of a game, got taped up and returned for the second half. I understand they are considering legal action. I don't think the injuries were the result of fellows playing with the true spirit of the game in mind


Anonymous said...

Hey Tom. It's Jason. I'm back!
Agenda is done. The pope is buried. Rudolph is going away for a long, long time. I can breathe again.

I like the Redskin Potatoes. That's a good name. Go Taters!

Is a rugby game too violent for Lucy? Just wondering. I've never been to a game before.

Catnap40 said...

The game is not too violent. A lot less impact than football. The language was a little rough though. The Bowling Green fifteen got their asses handed to them by the Marion Rhinos and they added a lot of 'f's to their vocabulary.
She wants to get a rugby ball. But I think I will hold off for a while. She said she wanted to knit one... with grass.
I think she is cuckoo McGuckoo, if you know what I mean.