Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Days away from the office

Today is day two of new manager training for me. I have been attending a lot of these sessions over the past few years. It is good and bad.
I am better at figuring out when to speak up and worse at playing the games - or activities.
I am getting worse at the games because I know there is always a trick. Trying to figure out the trick generally slows you down. If it is a good game the trick becomes apparent when you try to accomplish the goal through normal means. But if you abandon normal means and try to find the trick right away you are bound to be slowed down.
I have to learn to go with the flow.
The training is in Newark, Ohio (map) which is about a 90-minute drive from here.
It is my third visit to Newark and so far all I have seen is the newspaper office and the Newspaper Group office. Someday I will do an actual visit. It looks like a nice place.
I listened to Elvis Costello's Delivery Man CD on the way down yesterday and All Things Considered on the way back. I am thinking the Tragically Hip might get play this morning.
Must go.

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