Friday, September 12, 2008


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Today is weigh-in day for week 43. It’s been a good week all-around. The scale reads 215.5 this morning. That’s a 2.5 pound drop from last week. My body fat percentage reads 28.8, which is down from 30.1. My BMI is at 30.9, which is down from 31.3. ... I had a good yoga class last night and feel ready to go for the Green Camp 5K tomorrow. I am curious to see how that goes. I had promised myself to stay at my own pace at the bike ride last week and then could not resist riding up front for as long as I could. I have never run in a group and it will be interesting to see how my competitive nature presents itself. I would be extremely happy to finish in under 30 minutes but I know it is much more likely that I will finish in something closer to 35 minutes, but I have never pushed myself. I have always run at a comfortable pace. I will need to work hard next week. Birthday celebrations are looming and visitors are coming. I also need to start getting some miles on the bicycle if I want to complete a century ride in September. I know I can do it. Right now it is a matter of will rather than physical abilities.

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