Monday, September 01, 2008

61-mile ride

I rode my bike 61 miles Saturday. I took a 15 minute break after the 36th mile. My total time in the saddle was 4:15. The last six miles or so were a little painful and somewhat slow. I was grateful to be stopped by a train for about three minutes on Bellfontaine Avenue. Even with the train stop my average speed over the entire ride was 14.35 mph. Not too bad. I think I should have taken it a little easier in the beginning and I might have finished stronger. I was considering taking a ride around the block to get my mileage up to 62 miles or 100 kilometers, but I decided to stop at 61. That will make next Saturday's Popcorn 100 my longest ride of the year. I am still planning on doing a 100 mile ride some time after my 50th birthday but that is coming up quick and it will require some planning that I have been putting off.

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