Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Some new photos

This is a mix of photos, a couple from the last days in Asheville and a lot from our new home in Marion, Ohio. (All but the truck photo and the couch photo will enlarge if you click your clicker upon them.)

This was what we looked at for the last two days in town. The truck parked on Lamb Avenue.
We blocked traffic for a good 12 hours over two days.
I am not convinced that Lucy really wanted to leave.

Below you can see a series of photos of the new house:

This is me in the kitchen. Lucy took this photo. Now we know why she draws noses the way she does.

This is Lucy in the dining room. It was taken with a wide-angle lens. It is not as big as it looks in this shot.

Here is the living room. Note the new TV. Kind of garrish, but I do love it so.
Again this is with a wide angle lens. It is kind of cozy really. We are getting a new couch and chair.
This is what the new couch will look like:

I will have more later. Today was the first real warm day we have had since I moved here in December. Hopefully it will last and I will have some outdoor shots that don't look too bleak.

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