Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Hello March

It looks like a lion today - the snow has stopped and it's just a dusting but now it is frozen, windy and cold.
For about a year I have been receiving daily cartoons from a lab technician in Singapore named John Wong Hock Weng.
At first John's cartoons were editorial-like. He did some very funny cartoons about the Iraq war and the early days of the last elections.
Lately, however, John has started depicting rural life in Singapore. At least that's what I think he is doing.

This one is called "Man Sleeps on Tree."

This one is called "Crocodile Girl."

This one is called "Playing Barber."

I am not sure what any of them mean. I just hope they keep coming in my e-mail.

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ash said...

Tom, can't wait to see you!

We must have a beer.