Friday, March 11, 2005

Lucy and the screwdriver

Lucy's first phrase was "heego."
She was saying, "here you go." Her pronunciation was, really, exactly how we said it. And we said it constantly, handing her toys, feeding her etc, "heego, Lucy, want some mushy cereal?"

I know she is apt to say anything at anytime.
Last Sunday night, the movers were unloading the truck into our house. To get the refrigerator in we had to take some doors off their hinges.
One of the movers asked me for a screwdriver. I quickly looked for Lucy.
Why? Because I used to take Lucy to the Kids Workshop at Home Depot where she made little wooden projects that we gave to her mother. You know, a crooked birdfeeder, a dangerous step stool, an ugly plant holder. Lucy was good at hitting herself in her face with the hammer (you have to be careful with your backswing) and with screwing in screws.

Anytime the word screwdriver comes up, here is what Lucy says:
"I know how to screw!" "I'm a good screwer!" "My dad taught me how to screw."

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