Sunday, September 04, 2005

Pix from the match

Todd Runkle and I watched the United States qualify for the 2006 World Cup at Crew Stadium in Columbus.
Incredible night.

These guys were having fun before the game started. I bet they were a little less happy a couple of hours later.
You have to click on this one to appreciate the hat and mustache.

I don't know why these guys always end up in front of me, but they do.

He had two flags a hat and a scarf. I was never really clear on who he was rooting for.

Here's Todd just after we walked into the stadium.

Believe it or not, somebody bought us a beer! Most people avoided us.

The plastic beer bottle is the referee's best friend.

This isn't a great photo. But it is the celebaration followin the United State's second goal.


max said...

Thomas - I would like to point out that when you say you have to click to appreciate the guy in the hat and moustache, they all have have hats and moustaches.

Catnap40 said...

I meant cactus hat and Salvador Dali mustache.
My bad.