Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Don't ask me about the 1-hour photo situation in this burg.

"The Fish That Wore Eyeshadow" sounds like a movie Gabe Kaplan might have starred in.
Meanwhile, Lucy really liked this chintzy ride at the Marion Popcorn Festival.

The Eric Grohe mural in downtown Marion was just about completed in time for the festival. The girl on the top of the globe is pointing to Marion.

You can see more of his stuff at Eric Grohe Murals

On this page you can see how the work in Marion was done.


ash said...

love the photos! keep 'em coming.
Todd said he had a great time visiting. i need to come see, too. hope you're hanging in there.

smiling ted said...

Isn;t chicago in the state of Illinois? We spent three days there on our way back from Okinawa or maybe it was two days it felt like ten