Saturday, February 21, 2009


Winter came back and Lucy has been sick, so running is out.
I have been on the bike trainer, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I did yoga on Thursday.
I guess my only full day off this week was Tuesday. On Tuesday, we went to see a doctor in Columbus (nothing to get excited about) and then spent the afternoon at the Columbus Museum of Art.
I guess walking around a museum for four hours has to count for something.
Mary is off for a weekend with her mom, sister and niece, leaving Lucy and I to wallow in our own filth.
Last night we watched "Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco."
It was pretty awful, but Lucy liked it.
We also made some stuffed animals this week. They are supposed to be cute, and I guess the ones that were designed by someone else are kind of cute. The ones that Lucy and I designed are more gruesome than cute.
don't know how that happened.

This is "Whaloe," the whale I designed. Lucy helped with the tail.

This is Lucy's Alien. Not sure if he has a name yet. She did this all herself.

The Panda was professionally designed and the parts cut out by the nice ladies at the Marion Public Library. Lucy sewed him together. No name yet.

The rabbits were professionally designed and cut out at the library. Lucy sewed the orange one, her name is Libby (for the library). I sewed the blue one, her name is Summi (because it sounds Japanese and we live on Summit Street).

Here is the whole menagerie. I wish I was a better photographer, and sewer.

You really need to click on the photos to appreciate the dreadful photography and horrifying stitchery.

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