Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Another visit to the doc

Saw my new oncologist Monday. We went over my latest blood work and my recent cat scan. There is absolutely nothing to report.
I am now on quarterly visits for the next two years.
Hurray for me!
Yesterday was Presidents Day so Lucy was off from school and I am serving my one week furlough from work.
We went to the playground and played "Animal Ninja Warrior." It is a game we made up based on the popular "Ninja Warrior" television show.
Basically I make up an obstacle course using the playground equipment and then tell Lucy was sort of animal she is and then she completes the obstacle course while I provide hilarious play-by-play.
Then we went to the Library where Lucy made a little stuffed animal that I will take a picture of today.
Today we are going to Columbus for a doctors appointment, then maybe special surprise.
More on that later.

On the training side of life. I ran three miles on Saturday then rode my bike trainer for 45 minutes on Sunday and ran another three miles on Monday.
I have no training plans for today.
I have a three-mile run planned for Wednesday.


Melissa said...

Congrats on the doc visit!

I wish I could go running with you. I prefer to run alone (withiPod), but you might actually make me forget how much I hate it until it's over...then I con myself into loving it again.

Terri said...

Yippee!!!! Congrats.