Saturday, November 10, 2007

We're working on our Christmas movie

Last year we made "The Santa Trap."
This year we are making a movie called, "Emily Woods and the Mystery of the Missing Reindeer."
Emily Woods is a 7-year-old detective who gets around town on her bike and solves mysteries. In this movie, Santa writes her a letter and tells her that Rudolph has gone missing in Marion, Ohio. It seems that Rudolph is a bit of a history buff and is fascinated with Warren G. Harding, ex-president and former editor of The Marion Star.
Emily follows the clues to sites around Marion while she tries to hunt down the wayward reindeer.
We have constructed our papier-mâché Rudolph and a couple of other props, now we have to finish our script, draw our storyboard and begin shooting - maybe this weekend.
Wish us luck!

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