Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Report from Germany

Emily Wood

Our friend Dirk reports that there is a German actress named Emily Wood (no s) who is fairly famous. She does mostly comedy and crime shows on TV. I did not recognize anything on her IMDB page.
Our original idea for the movie was to make it a "Nancy Drew" movie, but when I explained to Lucy about how authors own ideas and names, she decided we needed to change the name of our movie. She came up with the name Emily Woods by herself.
Some other tidbits.
Emily Woods' best friend is her neighbor George Roughman
Her favorite food is pizza.
Her favorite book is "Mother Goose on the Loose" (a New Yorker comic collection)
She loves to ride her bike.
Her favorite color is purple.
Her father is a newspaper editor and her mother, Redleaf Woods, helps at school.

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BSEplus said...

Here you can find a clip from the german comedy TV show called "Sixpack" with Emily Wood:


Have fun!!