Friday, November 23, 2007


I was out walking for a little exercise when a couple of drunken thugs attacked me! Unbelievable.
They threw beer on me and then each threw a punch I was able to block one but the next hit me square on the chin.
I took off running and called 911.
It didn't take long for the cops to get there but the whole time I was afraid these guys were going to circle around and find me again.
you can read a better description of the assault on my newspaper blog
What a way to start the weekend.


Jaime said...

That's terrible!! Sorry about the start to your weekend. :(

Anonymous said...

damn, dude! time to get the Ashvegas posse together and serve up a little mountain justice. -jason

Melissa said...

jesus! get down to the DMV (at least that's where you can find it here) and get some pepper spray. i'd buy a taser, but they cost too much. that's awful, tom! i'm glad you're ok...

Wordy girl said...

That sucks. Glad you're OK. Forget pepper spray. Do the Texas thing and get a gun. Get two guns and use them as ankle weights while you walk.