Saturday, July 07, 2007

Video Comments

What they are saying about my videos on YouTube:

sam6m6c6r said about drum Girl:

badham1 said about funny math problems:
I thought the part that said "Man + Woman = Baby" was a little dirty, but also a little arousing.

Banjoslug said about how to make a shandy:
Great recipe. The commentary was hilarious!

cancerrafa said about Ostomy Installation:
I have a stoma too but i don´t use so many things. I use bags of only one piece, cleaner and masilla when it pains.
I think that you can help some people with this vid.
Sorry for my english but i´m spanish.

Supenmanu said about Learning German eating Candy:
be glad that you ain't German... otherwise you wouldn't have no Halloween candy (-: Höchsten Kandis aus Wien oder so (-:

Reseilli30 said about Learning German eating candy
jred ingles!!

myhousee4 said about Cat on the Fence:
all your videos show so much of the good things in life.. like the speed stacks vid or when you and your daughter were telling each other jokes.. every person needs a great father like you Tom... keep up the good work.

upyoursdocumentary said about Graser Backyard Barbecue:
When should I stop by for dinner? I'll bring the wine or
whatever. Tim

clashdo said about Speed Stack Challange:
well that was a waste of my bandwidth

bseplus said about Cartwheels:
Oh no, it makes me queasy only by watching it! Has he found his way back home after doing that??

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