Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Olympic Stadium Memory

One year my dad, two other fellows (both named Mike) and I bought a ticket for every Sunday home game of the Montreal Expos. We had the same seats every week.
There was no roof on the stadium at the time. But, because of the small roof opening and the angle of the stadium relative to the path of the sun most people always at in the dark. Except us.
On sunny days it looked like this.

In this photo the sun is about two rows from our seats. It got unbearably hot and usually one of us forgot a cap and was forced to buy one. You could get painter caps at the time for less than $5 Can. The sun only lasted for a couple of innings.
Good times.


Watabu Hagi said...

You correct on the seats of the first year but recall they were upgraded to behind home which were always in the shade. Do you recall the night, after the roof was put in that the wind played hell with the roof and we watched a big tear developed. We thought or a while we would be rained out of a roofed stadium, cetainly a first.

Catnap40 said...

I do recall that we did get rained out of a game after the roof was put on. Apparently the underground parking lots flooded.