Sunday, October 09, 2005

Been busy

I have been busy and not doing anything at the same time.
I noticed that I had been getting a lot more visits to my site even though I had not been updating the blog.
It looks like some of the images from the "who will be in my movie" gag got picked up on google images.
So I was poking around google images today and I found this:

It is the S. Graser Quartet. I guess the fourth guy was taking the picture.

Another thought
There are these gas station/convenience stores here called Duke and Duchess shops. I think Duke pumps the gas and Duchess sells the sodas.
They have signs out front that say "Cold Beer at State Minimums."
Every time I see one I think "isn't 32 degrees about the minimum - what the hell does the state have to do with that. It's common sense unless you're selling beersicles - which, by the way, are impractical."

Back to the original thought
Here are some of the places that have accessed this site lately. Mostly looking for photos of Robin Williams

17 Sesser Illinois United States
7 Asheville North Carolina United States
7 Atlanta Georgia United States
6 Newark Ohio United States
5 Plattsburgh New York United States
3 Sion Valais Switzerland
3 London England United Kingdom
2 Cherry Hill New Jersey United States
2 Toronto Ontario Canada
2 Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh India
2 Houston Texas United States
2 Cazenovia New York United States
1 Cincinnati Ohio United States
1 Leiden Zuid-holland Netherlands
1 Sacramento California United States
1 Ft. Collins Colorado United States
1 Budapest Budapest Hungary
1 Syracuse New York United States
1 Ellicott City Maryland United States
1 Irving Texas United States
1 Las Vegas Nevada United States
1 Germantown Maryland United States
1 Miami Florida United States
1 Jacksonville Florida United States
1 Wellington Wellington New Zealand
1 Cologne Nordrhein-westfalen Germany
1 Tallahassee Florida United States
1 Medellin Antioquia Colombia
1 Berlin Berlin Germany
1 Luqa Malta Malta
1 Madrid Madrid Spain
1 Anchorage Alaska United States
1 Helsinki Etela-suomen Laani Finland
1 Plainfield New Jersey United States
1 Los Angeles California United States

Interesting, isn't it?

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