Sunday, August 07, 2005

Thoughts for the day

I have to change my little profile on the right. I rode my bike yesterday! Not sure how far, but my butt is very sore today.

If you are grilling steak or a big slab of sirloin this summer let me offer this little recipe.
I got it from Rachel Ray and it is incredible.
take 3/4 cup of brown sugar and mix it with 5 tablespoons of McCormick Brand Montreal Steak Seasoning. Pat your meat dry and then dredge it in the mixture... Then grill.

I made salsa over the last few days based on some tomatoes and hot peppers from my garden. I added grilled pineapple and mango yesterday. It is award winning quality. Honest.


ash said...

Tom, you must go to this site:

Slate wrote about Rachel Ray here:

Catnap40 said...

I love the Internet. Hard to believe people put all that time and effort into dissing a show they watch voluntarily. If they get the food network they must have about 100 other channels they can watch.

Catnap40 said...

here is my Rachel Ray story. I wanted to grill my dinner and had run through everything we normally do. I was about to leave work and decided to take five minutes to see if I could turn something up on the Internet. Typed in "grilling Rachel Ray" into google and came up with two recipes I could memorize before heading to the store. They both turned out unbelievably good.