Saturday, August 06, 2005

How I spent my Summer Vacation

That's Ron in the front. I am not sure if I am actually helping dock the boat but I am certainly helping to displace water. A kid's gotta do what he is good at.

Shelly's Camp

we spent a lot of time at Shelly's camp here is a series of photos:

This is from the end of the dock looking into the Narrows. Chateaugay Lake has three distinct parts - the Upper Lake, the Narrows and the Lower Lake. Shelly's camp is where the Narrows empties in the the Lower Lake. Very desirable.

Here is a shot of the dock from the front yard. Not sure why there are no boats.

This is the view from the top of the stone steps that lead to the water.

Here is the front yard. It is about a yard wide.

A shot between the planters.

Here is what the camp looks like from the lake. It is the red buidling peeking out from between the trees. If you look close you can see me on the dock. Lucy snapped this shot.

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