Friday, July 15, 2005

Rock Stacking on Chateaugay Lake

First you have to visit the Avant Garden to appreciate what an amateur I am.
This was my first attempt and believe it or not, on the first night I built an arch.
Unfortunately, the next day, I came equipped to do arches from here to Lake Champlain and got nothing but frustration. I definitely will be trying again, but in the meantime here are a few examples of what I managed to get up:

Here is the arch:

Click on it to see it in all it's archy goodness.

Look at the stack in the background to appreciate this one. Also, the rock on the top of the stack in the foreground is know as "Potato Rock" you will be seeing more of him or her in later photos.

I am not going to tell you again to click on these pix for the most enlarging experience.

To give you some perspective - this is me in a kayak that my ass barely fits in, towing Lucy -- notice the wake she is creating -- and noticing the towering stack in the foreground.

Click on this one to figure out what's in focus. The answer is: NOTHING.

I like this one because there is a beer in the background (I am drinking Genny Cream while I post these).

Click on this one to figure out what kind of beer I was drinking. Answer: I CAN'T REMEMBER!

This stack demonstrates why they call this part of the lake the "Narrows."

Click on this one because it is a very nice photo.

My thumb, Potato Rock, and a deck chair on the dock

Oh, just click on it.

Here is Lucy about to be crushed by a falling stack of rocks.

Click on this one to dig the perspective.

Truth is Lucy knocked my stacks down about as fast as I could put them up.

It took me about 10.5 hours to get from Marion, Ohio to Chateaugay, New York. You might be wondering how fast I drove.

The answer is: not that fast, but click on the pix to see the details... oh, that's sunrise over Cleveland, and yes, I took more than one snap.

Click on this one and ask me why I don't wear sunglasses. Answer: I am a moron.

Finally, the photo that will get me killed.
Here is Mary in a kayak, mugging for the camera.

click on this one, 'cause I love her so much.


dave said...

Great stuff, Tom. I am impressed you got the arch to stand. Don't give up. Ya know, every time I go bowling, I roll a strike first ball. After that I suck for a while. Frist dart is always a bullseye. After that I suck for a while. Keep trying on those arches. Feel free to cheat by using stuff in in the middle to hold up your rocks while you work to make them meet. Use shims. That ain't cheating as long as you use only rocks.

We're in Chinle, Arizona at the moment. Doing the family vacation thing -- Brady Bunching at the Grand Canyon, etc. I am glad to see I have corrupted you.


Anonymous said...

Tom, i see you are very proud of your phallus-like rock stack. You are the man.

The lake looks beautiful. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. Good for you! You deserve it!


Catnap40 said...

I was only there for about 36 hours.
Going back in a week or so for about a week. Lucy and Mary were there for three weeks.