Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Leaving for vacation

We head for Chateuagay and other parts unknown later today... I will try to post from the road - but who knows.
Meanwhile, I am into the G's in my alphabetical song listening project. This morning I heard "Get Right Some Day" from Martin Zellar, it contains one of my favorite country music lines of all time:
"My ex-girlfriends, they don't like me but they should.
'Cause I'm the reason, their new guy looks so good."

In other music news, I discovered the first A1 page I designed at the Marion Star - not great work but certainly servicable when you consider I had been here only a few weeks.

Notice the upper, left-hand corner of the page. That's the music player I bought six months later....kind of eerie.


ash said...

A very nice page!

Dave said...

How can they cut police and ire jobs with that kind of doom on the horizon?

Is this near you?

WAKEMAN, Ohio (AP) - The 11 children removed from a house where authorities say some of them slept in homemade cages are polite, well-behaved, well-dressed and appear to have been well-fed, neighbors and authorities said Tuesday.