Saturday, July 23, 2005

More on the movie cast

This looks like it is going to be a star-studded epic.
First, from Lena (who I saw in a crossword puzzle yesterday. The clue was Ken or Lena - the first answer to jump in my head was, "Burns" -it wasn't right. I had forgotten that Lena got married).
Anyway, here are her suggestions - she had choices so feel free to comment and pick one or the other

In the part of Lena either
Alicia Silverstone or Jennifer Aniston

If I knew what I was doing I would have resized these images, but I don't and can't or maybe just won't.

In the part of Jaime (Jaime, at least names that sound like Jaime but are spelled differently are starting to figure large in my life. I have to refer to a guy at work as Man Jamie to avoid confusion.)
Lena thinks Jaime (woman Jaime) should be played by either Jennifer Connelly or Courtney Cox

I know that Sandy Wall always thought Jaime would be played by Karen Allen

Here is what Melissa had to say about the cast of the movie

Tom, I am nominating Marilu Henner to play Tammy Jones in a cameo role
in the movie of your life.

David Hurand's role is key, and I think a
very hairy Robin Williams is best suited. The hair will cover up the
dissimilarities, but we needed a real actor to capture the essence of

Thanks Lena and Melissa.

Now we just have to get working on the script.

I see the sun coming up over the Franklin County Fair and an obviously hung-over Tom Graser, wearing black short pants, white button down shirt and bolo tie, walking through the fair grounds, where he obviously fell asleep behind the beer tent. He crosses the street and enters the office of the Malone Telegram where he sits down at his computer and starts writing. We see the letters coming up on the computer screen.
"Time is queer. Forty-five summers pass in the time it takes a looping fly ball to nestle in the pocket of a right fielder.
To the experienced batter it's an instant - the ball is caught the second it's hit.
To the rookie fielder it seems an eternity waiting for the ball to fall out of the lights."

That's an actual lead I wrote to a story my first year as a writer --- not sure if I would have gone that way today.

I think we could use text coming up on the computer as a device to jump back and forth through time. You know the old guy sits down and starts writing a story that takes us back in time and then the young guy sits down and starts writing and that springs us forward. How brilliantly cliche!

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Jaime said...

oh that Sandy Wall and his obsession with Karen Allen :) I think I'd prefer Courtney Cox.