Sunday, June 12, 2005

How tough is my Kid?

I took Lucy to her first professional soccer match yesterday (mine too).
We watched the Columbus Crew beat the Colorado Rapids 1-0.
Go Crew!
On one of the last plays of the first half the ball went off the field and into the stands right at us.
I leaned in front of Lucy to shield her and reached out with one arm to corral the ball. The other arm was around Lucy.
The ball slammed into my arm (it kind of hurt) and bounced right into Lucy's face.
I leaned in front of her - expecting to see a bloody nose or worse. I saw a big grin.
"It hit me in the face!" she crowed and then began talking to all the people in our section that were looking at her with great concern.
"Only that ball just hit me in the face." she explained and then started laughing.
The half ended and we left the our seats in search of cotton candy. Two people shook her hand.
I stopped walking by a bathroom to ask if she had to go and then asked.
"Did it hurt?"
"Oh yes," she said and then asked for the 500th time for some cotton candy.
Lucy won a teddy bear and a Strawberry Shortcake sport ball. She ate popcorn, Dippin' Dots ice cream, pepperoni pizza, cotton candy and drank a Pepsi Cola. I had a hot dog some of Lucy's popcorn and a beer. Lucy also bought a yellow horn that has been hidden.

It was a great time in a beautiful stadium.

We took a bunch of pictures with a disposable that I will post later this week.
Grandma and Grandpa Graser come to town today.

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