Monday, September 03, 2007

Big week for Central Ohio doctors

I have three appointments and Mary has one - but she gets to see two doctors.
I see a spine doctor and an orthopedic doctor about a strange numbness in my legs. We have pretty much determined that it is the result of my heroic weight gain after finishing up my chemo last winter.
Then, on Thursday I will have my colonoscopy to confirm that Senor Cancer is gone for good.
Mary will see her oral surgeon and her postodontist (dentist who makes prosthetics)for the last little move before she gets her new teeth.
A week from Thursday, I will have my portacath removed.


Terri said...

Good luck on your colonoscopy. I hope all is OK. I imagine when I can taste again, I, too, will pack on the pounds. I've lost some weight (did you?) but since I get full fast and food taste blah, that seems natural. Still, as I am a menopausal woman, I am not thin enough, but will it will do for now. I eat lots of sweets, because that's the only thing I can taste.
Again, good luck.
Colon Cancer Cowgirl

Catnap40 said...

Everything went great. I did not lose weight until my surgery, which left me without food for 11 days. That all came back, plus 10 more in about 6 months.
Now to get rid of it and some more... sigh. Cancer treatment at least gave me an excuse.