Saturday, February 26, 2005


I think part of my lack of motivation lately has been my diet. Honest.
This is the kind of place I have been eating at lately.

If you look real hard you can see the sign to Danny's Pizza further down the road.
I have not eaten there. Pizza isn't a great one-man dining experience. A slice now and then is ok but it's got to be at a place that serves a lot of slices like Barley's in Asheville. They serve a lot of slices -- and beer.
Once the wife gets here -- one week from today -- I am expecting my diet to improve. Not that she does all the cooking but that I will have access to a stove, oven and full sized fridge. It has been fast food take out or micro wave food for almost three months. good golly, how have I lasted.
I have also been eating at this place a lot.

They cook your food after you order it. Far superior to Chinese buffet food that sits in it's own juices all day.
Fruit salad stewing in its own juices is something I can stand, even like.
I didn't take that Smiley China photo. I found it on a web site when I did a google search. I linked to it because it is identical to a photo I took with a little disposable a week or so ago. Neat.


ash said...

Tom, you are making me hungry. I'm going to get something to eat.

Jaime said...

Smiley opposed to frowning china? yeesh. Can't wait for Mary and Lucy to arrive in Ohio so you will have access to a stove! :)