Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sponsor my half marathon by donating to Relay for Life

Help me beat cancer!

I am running the City of Plattsburgh Half Marathon on Sunday, April 17 and I would love for you to sponsor me. I will be wearing a special t-shirt that features my Running Semicolon design on the front and cartoons of my sponsors on the back.

All you need to do is make a donation of any amount to get your cartoon added to the shirt (I won't quarantee that it will look like you, but I will do my best!)

If you need time to think about it, I am going to be wearing the shirt in several races this year and will always be happy to add a face to my effort.

Please make a donation today! by clicking on this link: Graser's Relay For Life Donation Page


this is what the front of the shirt will look like!

And I hope the back will look something like this!

Click here to donate today

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Anonymous said...

I liked it better when it was the "marathong" ~ Now THATS some interesting compression wear! :D