Monday, March 14, 2011

Half - Marathon update

I am just past the half-way mark in my half marathon training. Seems like a good time to post an update.
I have run 93 miles in training since I started my 10-week plan on Feb. 7.
Except for two days when I was in Washington D.C., where I ran on treadmills, I have done all my running outside.
The coldest was a 3-mile run at 2 below zero. That was the only sub-zero run. There were a few more cold ones, but most of my training has been in the 20s and 30s.
I have worn a ball cap, instead of a touque a couple of times.
The mind game I have been playing is that I have been hoping that as the runs got longer and harder, the weather would getting better and more tolerable.
So far, it has been working.
I did run once in the rain and once in an ice storm.
I feel pretty good.
I have lost about 9 pounds in five weeks. If I could lose another 9 or 10 over the next five weeks, I should be in great shape for the run on April 17.
I completed a 10 mile run this past Saturday and that has me confident that I will be able to complete the 13.1 mile half-marathon. The questions that remain are: 1. How long will it take me to finish? And, 2. How painful will it be?
I am working on completing a plan to use my attempt as a fund raiser for Relay For Life.
I am just finishing up the details now.
Part of it will be a t-shirt that I am in the midst of designing.
The front will look like this:

On the back I am going to include something to represent the individual people that contribute.
Stay tuned.

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jaime said...

You're doing great! Congratulations on the 10-miler! You can definitely complete the half marathon. :)