Tuesday, February 05, 2008

It is Relay For Life time! Actually we have been meeting since October but now it is getting serious. I went to a big training session in Columbus over the weekend and am now primed to start raising money for the American Cancer Society.

You can help me out by visiting my Relay For Life page

My lofty goal is to make a difference in my daughter's life. I know I do that every day by being the goofiest dad on the block. But, I want to do it in a good way too. Lucy will grow up facing a battery of tests beginning as a young adult because of her father's history. My hope is that if she ever needs treatment, the treatment would not be as extreme as mine. My hope is that the screening will be easier. My hope is that we will not be talking about treatment in hope of a cure, but just about cures. The only way to do that is with money.
I have chosen to go along with the American Cancer Society because they provide more money for cancer research than anyone else besides the government. And, it is their advocacy work with the government that helps keep that money flowing.
Please forgive me for bugging you about this. If you give to an American Cancer Society event in your community, that's great - keep doing it. If you want to donate money through me, that's great too. If you already have your charitable dollars planned for something else, that's not a problem. We need money to beat cancer but I will settle for awareness.
Most of you that read this page are my friends. I can't prevent you from getting cancer - unless I talked you into a colonoscopy (colon cancer can be prevented) - But, maybe I can prevent your children from getting cancer. That is something I want to be a part of.

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