Monday, January 28, 2008


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I have become obsessed with this quest to lose weight. Not so much that I am doing much about it. I mean, I am exercising - I walk from 45 to 50 minutes in the morning and I ride a bike trainer for 30 to 60 minutes at night, but I have not altered my diet all that much. I try not to get seconds and I try not to eat between meals, but I do both on occasion. I only have beer every once in a while. I haven't had any now for more than a week and it was more than a week the time before that. I guess I have a couple of bottles of beer every two weeks. I weight myself every morning and take a picture of it. That's the most consistent thing I do. So far it has been working. I started on Nov. 16 at 150 pounds. Today I as at 234.

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