Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Canadian Collision

(This song is the song Lucy wants me to play in the car while driving to her soccer games.)

I was watching Corner Gas last night on WGN. It is a Canadian sitcom based in Saskatchewan. Three of the characters in the show decided to reunite their high school band and determine that they can practice in a garage.
"There are already some local kids practicing there," one says.
"I guess I will give them the boot," another says.
When they get to the garage, the "local kids" turn out to be the Tragically Hip.
The star of the show, Brent Butt, says to them, "Don't tell me what the poets are doin', amscray!"

What the poets are doing is reference to the Hip's song "Poets."
It was a great night for Canadian Convergance.
Leaving for N.C. this afternoon. Back on Sunday.

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Jaime said...

yay for the trip to North Carolina!!